Virtual Workshops, Clinics and Courses

All of the following are virtual learning opportunities

Workshop = A short (90-120 minute) learning experience that can be interactive or recorded.

Clinic = A longer term (2-4 weeks) interactive learning experience. Has specific start and end dates.

Course = A multi-lesson learning experience that can be purchased any time. These are not interactive.

Recorded Virtual Workshops

Learn to make a real and lasting change in your horse's confidence in this exciting new format! You'll learn a variety of strategies to develop a more confident, relaxed partner. More about the workshop here.

Cost = $45

Join Master Horse Developers John and Kathy Baar, for an education-packed workshop designed to help you build a more confident, harmonious canter. More about the workshop here.

Cost = $45

Online Courses

You'll love Erin and your horse will love what you learn with her. Join her as she shares a variety of exercises any horse owner can learn to help their horse release tension and enjoy touch. Cost is $95. Learn more here.

How are Online Courses and Virtual Clinics Different?

You might be wondering how the online courses are different from the virtual clinics...

The virtual clinics are interactive, meaning you get to interact with the clinician and the other students in the event.

Online courses have the video lessons and workbook of the virtual clinics but NOT the interaction. You can purchase them anytime and have a year or longer to access them. 

Learn more with this video explanation.