Clinics and Courses

Virtual Clinics

What is a Virtual Clinic? Click here for a short video explanation.

New Virtual Clinics coming this fall.

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Online Courses

You'll love Erin and your horse will love what you learn with her. Join her as she shares a variety of exercises any horse owner can learn to help their horse release tension and enjoy touch. Cost is $95. Learn more here.

Online Micro Courses

These courses are short versions of the online courses. I chose to use the word "micro" instead of "mini" because as you know, mini takes on a whole other meaning in the horse world 😂

This course was built from the popular Heart of Liberty virtual clinic. Learn how to get started on your Liberty journey with this fabulous 9 lesson course. Cost is $17. Learn more here.

Free Learning Opportunities

Do you love the idea of using treats with your horse but don't love the behavior that can come with it? In this FREE 5-Part Lesson Series, learn from Liberty Master David Lichman how to teach your horse to take treats politely. Cost is FREE! Learn more here.

Get a sneak peek into Charley's virtual clinic starting May 14th with this free, 3 lesson series. Sign up here.

How are Online Courses and Virtual Clinics Different?

You might be wondering how the online courses are different from the virtual clinics...

The virtual clinics are interactive, meaning you get to interact with the clinician and the other students in the event.

Online courses have the video lessons and workbook of the virtual clinics but NOT the interaction. You can purchase them anytime and have a year or longer to access them. 

Learn more with this video explanation.