Develop Your Horse:

The 3 Stages of Building Confidence


A Virtual Workshop brought to you by Shine a Light Productions





This workshop was recorded on Oct 8, 2022. You can purchase it now to catch all of the fabulous info shared! The focus is building your horse's confidence and you'll be led by Lillan Rome of LR Horsemanship and Molly Sanders of Shine a Light Productions. 

 Katie Celaya (of Cedar Haven Ranch) will be joining us too! 

We're super excited about this new format!

You'll learn a ton without a huge time commitment. 


What You'll Learn?

  • Learn to make a real and lasting change in your horse's confidence. 
  • The 3 Stages of Building Confidence.
    • You are probably familiar with Stage 1-  Approach and Retreat with Rhythm BUT often people stop there. Stages 2 and 3 will help to grow your horse's confidence in situations where the pressure doesn't retreat OR gets bigger!
  • Reducing fight, flight, or freeze responses.
  • Steps to building confidence with dragging obstacles.

Lillan Rome is passionate about helping people bridge the gap between horsemanship and horse development. Basically the difference between having skills and knowing when and how to apply them to teach your horse.

Lillan will lead the horsemanship education portion of the workshop. Molly will facilitate and help everything stay on track and Katie will help with questions. 

Learn more about Lillan here

$45 for continuous access (you'll be able to download the videos so you'll have them for life).

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