#77 Libby Lyman: Allowing Horses to Think

May 11, 2023

Libby Lyman was recommended to me by several people to interview for the podcast- I'm so glad they did and that she said yes! Sit back and enjoy this conversation we delve into an idea she learned from Harry Whitney called The Free Search, and a unique perspective on fear- and of course, much more 😊. 

Watch the Interview


Listen to the Interview (you can also find it anywhere you like to listen to podcasts by searching for A Learner's Journey).


Learn more about Libby 


Learn more about Harry Whitney 


If you're intrigued with the things Libby shared, make sure to also check out the interviews with Tom Moates and Ross Jacobs (2 of Harry Whitney's top students).


Tom Moates interview  Watch it     Listen to it 


Ross Jacobs interview  Watch it     Listen to it

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