#16 Balance, Separation Anxiety and Showing Up: A Conversation with Kathy Baar

Oct 07, 2021
A interview with Kathy Baar

I had so much fun with this interview with Kathy Baar. She shares loads of tips about getting through tough times, staying balanced with her horsemanship and life, and about ways to help horses with separation anxiety. You're in for a treat with this one. 

You can watch the podcast here

You can listen to the podcast here 

A bit more about Kathy:

Kathy Baar is a USDF Gold Medalist, the author of Solving Separation Anxiety: Savvy Solutions for Herd-Bound Behavior, a Horse Development Specialist and a 5* Parelli Instructor. 

Learn more about Kathy here

Go to her FB page here

Check out Luke's Littles FB page here

Order her book, Solving Separation Anxiety, here

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