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Quick and Easy Bodywork Lesson

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Strengthen your bond by helping your horse release tension and feel good!


Become a better horsewoman or man by improving your feel, timing and skills of observation.


Don't have much time? The lesson is short and easy to follow- you'll be ready to try it with your horse in minutes!

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A Note From Erin...

Hi, My name is Erin Sauer. I am a licensed Equine Massage Practitioner and have been working professionally with horses for over a decade.

Initially, my job was to help horses perform better by helping to relieve muscular tension and improve range of motion issues that might be holding them back.

After many years of practice, I was amazed by how much horses improved emotionally too.

They seemed happier, they loved seeing me and behavioral issues owners stuggled with started disappearing!

I started giving people simple things they could do on their own in between sessions. I was able to tell who was doing their homework by how the horse was the next time I came out. 

That is why I have developed this lesson for you AND a whole online course.

I want to show every horse owner how to enrich their relationship with their horse while improving the physical well being of the animal. When these two things line up your horse will start seeing you as a source of relaxation and feeling good and your bond will grow stronger and stronger.

I want this for you and your horse. I hope you enjoy the lesson AND then join me for the course.

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