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The Start of Liberty 

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  • Grow your relationship so your horse chooses to be with you, even in a wide open space.
  • Learn what motivates your horse and use it to quickly create willingness and exuberance so you will both enjoy your sessions more!
  • Begin to build a bond so strong it will withstand distractions even outside the arena.
  • Love spending time with your horse, learning together.
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You'll get:


9 in-depth video lessons that will teach the 3 Prerequisite Skills you and your horse need to play at Liberty successfully


A downloadable workbook with lots of additional information to compliment your lessons


An app that will allow you to watch the lessons at the barn.

A Bit about David

David Lichman is a master horseman dedicated to helping people get amazing results at Liberty.

He's traveled the world teaching his program and in 2021 was able to bring it to people in their homes via the wonders of the internet.

The Start of Liberty came out of that virtual adventure.

His ability to break things into small achievable steps and to think outside the box is responsible for his success with horses AND in teaching people. 

He puts this talent into the Start of Liberty course in order for you to build a solid foundation to start your liberty journey. 

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