Letting Go of Trouble

A Virtual Clinic with Charley Snell

May 14th -28th, 2022

Charley Snell is a horsemanship treasure.

I feel fortunate to have found Charley Snell in a time when I needed help with a challenging horse. I feel even more fortunate that I get the opportunity to share this kind, dedicated, inspiring man with you.

This unique learning experience allows you to study with Charley from wherever you are in the world.

Join us for a two-week virtual learning experience that will take you to the core of what Charley teaches: The idea of helping your horse let go of trouble and be present with you.

Cost: $150

Want to get a sneak peek into Charley's clinic- see 3 lessons here for free

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How this Virtual Clinic came to Be 


What is a Virtual Clinic?


Online Clinic Portal

The portal will be home to all the lessons in the clinic. You'll see a variety of videos including: Charley coaching students, working with a horse himself and theory discussions. You'll be able to go through these at your own pace. 

3 Live Sessions

Charley will meet with all of us via Zoom for 3 interactive sessions throughout the clinic. He'll answer questions and help us dive even deeper into understanding how to keep our horse's mind with us. These sessions will be recorded in case you aren't able to attend live.

Private Facebook Group

You'll be invited to join our private FB group. A great place to connect with others, stay motivated, be inspired and ask questions. 


What You'll Learn

  • This first clinic with Charley (we're working on the second one) will focus on a variety of ground exercises all with the goal of getting your horse's mind and helping them relax and be present with you. 
  • These exercises are half of the ground skills that Charley teaches (the 2nd clinic we're working on will cover the next half).
  • Although the focus will be on you learning a variety of ground exercises- all of them transfer into the saddle. 
  • Getting your horse's mind when they're distracted, helping them relax, getting your horse's mind when you catch and halter, leading with connection and "riding" your horse from the ground are several of the topics that we'll explore.
  • You'll be able to interact with Charley throughout the event by asking questions, attending 3 zoom events and through our private FB group. 
  • You'll have access to the clinic lesson videos 24/7 throughout the clinic so you can practice and proceed at your own pace. You'll get an additional 2 weeks with the material after the clinic ends plus will have the option to extend access monthly for a small fee.
  • You'll get a downloadable workbook with checklists to keep you on track and additional info to support the lessons. 
  • There's also an app so you can easily access the lessons from a smart phone or tablet.

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Letting Go of Trouble with Charley Snell

$150.00 USD

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Email Molly Sanders (clinic host) at [email protected]