#24 No Take in Contact: A Conversation with Karen Rohlf

Dec 09, 2021

Karen Rohlf was a name shared with me many times when I first mentioned the idea of doing a podcast (maybe you were one of the people who mentioned her). I have never met Karen in person, and to be honest, I was nervous to reach out to her to ask her to be a guest… Then someone I met when I was on the Parelli ranch in Florida, Donna Blem, reached out to me to ask a few questions about virtual courses. She let me know that she was working with Karen and I asked if she’d be willing to help me get in touch with her. She did, Karen said yes and away we went.

Karen’s humility and passion for sharing what she’s learned stood out as we started our conversation and put my nerves at ease (well at least a bit 😀). She shares about how she got into horses, what she’s learned about the challenges of learning, some fabulous things to think about when riding with contact and much more. I hope you get some gems for your own journey from the conversation. You can learn more about Karen and her fabulous program, Dressage Naturally at https://dressagenaturally.net/

You can listen to the podcast here


Watch the podcast here

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