Winning Your Horse's Heart Sampler



Erin Sauer

of Elite Equine Massage LAMP


The Sampler Course

 This is a fabulous way to get to know Erin's teaching and learn a variety of techniques (we call them Affections) designed to help your horse feel good and relax. We've pulled a variety of lessons from the Winning Your Horse's Heart Course to offer a sampler for folks who are interested but not ready to dive into the full course.

Here are a few of the lessons in the Sampler Course:

  • Signs of Relaxation, Enjoyment and Release
  • Intro to the Face and Head- safety tips
  • Massaging the Poll and Ears
  • The Jaw Rub
  • The Rhomboid Rub
  • The Scapula Rub
  • The Foreleg Traction and Jostle
  • Pounding the Glutes
  • Tail Articulations
  • Plus bonus discussions from our Zoom Q and A that will help you with additional tips.

 Cost: This course is regularly $65 but we're offering it for a limited time for $17!!

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What You'll Get:

  • 12 different video lessons with exercises (we call Affections) to try with your horse.
  • A downloadable workbook with descriptions of all the Affections (techniques you'll learn).
  • An App so you can easily take the recording with you to the barn. 
  • Your horse will love you for it!
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Winning Your Horse's Heart Sampler

$17.00 USD